Rune Legacy, Fully working Hunting!

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Rune Legacy, Fully working Hunting!

Post by xGenesis on Thu Jul 14, 2011 3:28 am

Hunting is being added this Sunday!! First server with it as a full skill. Check out the video

-Firstly, let’s start off with what is Rune Legacy

The creation of Rune Legacy and it’s meaning

Rune Legacy is a Private Server, inspired by Genesis. He has made this to bring you the classic style of RuneScape. We will never upgrade to any new models, and will never do anything to ruin this server. Why a 317? 317 is where it’s all at...RuneScape 2011 is fighting back, many servers have went against all they ever stood for and upgraded. I remember those times when you used to just wander around Lumbridge calling people noobs, when there were so many "Bob’s" around, when Starrychelx first started making videos, when Tehnoobshow was a big thing. All of this has faded away..newer players just want graphics, and this isn’t what Rune Legacy is’s about gameplay. If your not into a 317, then try it out..There’s always room for you guys and I’m always trying to balance the RuneScape world with Rune Legacy. We’re regularly updated, we have regular events to keep you players occupied, and we aren’t a download and host leech which many people believe is actually coding.

"More images":

How do I play?

To play Rune Legacy please visit the webclient or download link. I promise it will be something you won’t regret, for more news events and announcements please visit our forums.


Tell me more about what you guys have

Down below are a featured list of some of the things Rune Legacy has to offer YOU. Remember, we do read suggestions, and we do updates daily, so if some of this is outdated it’s not our fault! For the full experience on what we do have for you please visit yourself. As only you will know what suits your personal needs as a gamer. If you do not enjoy Rune Legacy to the fullest, please send a message to the owner Genesis. Genesis is a very
active part of the community, and as an owner he personally like to speak to the players to know what’s going on and what they can do together to improve on the server.

Rune Legacy, Featured List:

-Fully working Party Room, with Balloons
-Clue Scrolls
-Working Quests, something most servers forget about
-Customized Assault with Prizes
-Working Pest Control, Void
-Duel Arena
-Barrows Brother Minigame
-A Tzhaar Minigame, with Jad
-Fight Caves
-Combat, and Skills all working with no problems
-GodWars Dungeon (New Godwars Map)
-King Black Dragon/Steel Dragons
-Kalphite Queen
-Dagganoth Kings
-Wilderness Chaos Elementials
-Lunar & Ancient Spellbooks
-474 NPC’s & Animations
-In-game Music
-Password Encryptions, this way you know your passwords are safe with us
-Skiller & PkShop
-An active Community, with an active Staff team


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