667 TrekScape Eco No lag fixed Nex

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667 TrekScape Eco No lag fixed Nex

Post by TrekScape on Thu Dec 05, 2013 9:17 am

Trekscape is a brand new, innovative server, catering to the needs of more than the average playerbase.

forums are at :trekscape.boards.net

Not only is this server perfect for an avid pker, we have lots of features that mean you will be able to enjoy Pvm, Skilling, Pvp and many other things, all within a friendly environment.
The staff are handpicked so we can avoid any abuse, they are all tested and even trained staff members, before we let any staff touch the game, they have gone through a rigorous training course, usually run by Nick.

There are many systems inplace to gain extra benefits in-game.

We believe the exp rates of our server are perfect for this environment, whilst not being too fast as to not give a challenge, we do believe they are not too slow as to make you bored.

No amount of words can truly explain how good this server is, you will just have to come and see for yourself.

Custom bosses, Custom dung, upgraded weapons, 100% random dice and fixed gambling system, 100% Pking  


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