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Come Join ProjectImmortal

Post by ProjectImmortal on Sun Feb 17, 2013 10:29 pm

ProjectImmortal(dot)net is an all new 317 server with over 20+ players. The owners of the server are Mod Jad and Immortal with an extra coder David. Together we three are determined at making the server better and better by keeping players happy by looking over and implementing their suggestions that they post on our forums. We have also made the server in a way so that new players don't feel left out on all the fun. speaking of new players, our current players are eager to help newbies with anything they need, some even handing out some of their money.

*great pking
*a balanced economy
* bosses such as corp, kalphite, daggs
*skills work amazingly
*tons of ways to make money
* loyalty points
*loyalty titles
* pets that follow you
* armour such as katagon and primal
*and many more
Future updates
These are just some insights to what we have coming up.
*Immortality cave
* new bosses
*more ways to get loyalty points


We really hope you come and check out our server we will greatly appreciate it!


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