[317] Primal Age - Keeping it oldschool - Come join

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[317] Primal Age - Keeping it oldschool - Come join

Post by ImJade on Thu Nov 29, 2012 2:01 pm

Tirred of EOC?
Missing Runescape like it used to be years back?
Primal Age is a fairly new server, and is still being updated alot.

Features being added soon:

The last 2 stats for all stats to be fully working (Firemaking and agility missing)
More bosses


Currently we have:

* All skills besides 2 (Being added soon)
* No Lag
* 24\7
* Hold up to 1500 Players
* All Godswords with Real Special
* 100% Duel Arena (Staking,Rules,and ability to disable armor slots)
* Training
* Amazing hybriding
* Autocasting
* Barrows
* Pest Control
* Clan Chat
* Skilling
* Slayer with Tasks
* God Wars
* Dagannoth Kings
* Chaos Elemental
* Fight Pits
* Jad
* Obelisks that teleport you around in wild
* Split Private Chat
* Duping Fixed
* Emotes
* Trade with no Bugs
* Great Economy
* Perfect Pking!

This truly is a great server, very addicting.
We just need a bit more players Smile.
Come join us, i promise you you wont regret it!


- Jade (Mod on Primal Age)


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