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Rubble-Scape | VPS HOSTED | Improvements Everyday JOIN

Post by theninja17 on Mon Nov 19, 2012 4:42 am

Rubble-Scape | VPS HOSTED | Torva | Improvements Everyday | Friendly Community | JOIN

Dear visiters of Rspad !

I here prenounce you !

Rubble-Scape !!

We offer you !:

-Fixed Pest control
-Fixed model hardcode positioning for torva
-Squel Of Fortune
-Added npc clipped following
-Added npc clipping for attack
-added quickchats for other 99s
-All Emotes with GFX finished
-Made men's with infinite hp for quick leveling
-Added a lvl shop for nice items tru leveling up
-Added new places like ::staffzone ::chillzone ::explore ::helpcenter with ::help command
-Added ::empty for everyone
-Prices Fixed
-Added ::funpk
-Added Magebank Praying for god, with free cape
-Added Skillcape shop All 24 skills
-Allowed people with just 1 99 Enter 99 skillcape shop
-All working armour and chaotics + spirit shields !
-And many many more so you need to come check it out by yourself

google rubble-scape or on youtube and ull find it sorry that i cant give links but its cuz im a new member

Because of the eoc on runescape will many players quit runescape and they will search for a RSPS i reccommend you Rubble-Scape just because we play for the players !
Most RSPS staff/owners/co-owners are jerks but we aren't if someone need our help,
we will be there for them because its all about the players !
All the donations are purely for the RSPS to improve it and give our players the best,
gameplay they can wish !

With Greetingz Mitch Co-Owner Of Rubble-Scape !


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