Rune Factor 317 Chaotic's-PvPGear-Eco LOOKING FOR STAFF

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Rune Factor 317 Chaotic's-PvPGear-Eco LOOKING FOR STAFF

Post by JesseX on Thu Aug 16, 2012 6:38 am

This server is looking for more players and active staff!
We have all pvp gear, Vestas, Divine, Claws, Chaotics Ect... (No Torva-Pernix ect)
This server is a PvP And Eco system that you wont see anywhere elese.

I coded this myself from a Cleaned Sorce and Client,
I would give credit's but i started this so long ago i cant remember where i got it from.

70% Me
30% Who ever cleaned the Source and client before i got ahold of it.

Every skill completed!
Fullyworking Clan Chat and Private chat!
All Bosse's Kbd lair, God Wars, Kalphite And Much more!
VPS hosted 24/7!
Flawless switching for PvP!
100% Slayer +Giving tasks and Reward Points.
100% Dule Arena!
100% Spirit Sheild Bonuse's.
100% Barrow's!
100% Pest Control!
100% Fight Pits (Jad under construction)
Dag Lair!
Chaos Element!
90% Slayer Tower
85% Agility!
100% Minning
100% Smithing
100% Fishing/Cooking
100% Woodcutting
100% Farming!
95% Crafting
90% Thieving

--PvP Areas--
Mage Bank
Green Dragons
East Dragons

I would name much more but i dont want to overpower this post with a shit load of text and pictures that may bore you all.

Fourm Site: runefactor

Looking for new player's!!


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