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Brief Introduction:

Our primary goal for Titan 614 is to ensure that the game-play for Titan 614 resembles accurately as possible to RuneScape's gameplay.
At this point we're currently in a beta stage therefore you may experience some bugs or even flaws,
but bare with us we're working on fixing them as we speak!


- Perfect maxhit formulas (All max hits are perfected for every weapon including ranged bows)
- Most weapons working (All weapons work properly and accurately except special attacks, we're currently developing them)
- Double vengeance has been patched (After you've already casted vengeance, you must now wait 30 seconds)
- Poisoning (Anti-poisons work too)
- Mage stacking with melee has been patched
- Korasi formula perfect!
- Autocasting
- Perfect switching


- Dedicated owner & staff [Currently looking for moderators]
- Weekly updates
- Fully DDos Protection
- Protected Site
- Friendly players
- Active community
- Active Pking & clans

Other Features:

- Friends List working completely (on, off, private)
- Perfect working shops system (buying and selling items)
- Clan Chats
- HD Graphics
- No Lagging
- 24/7 Hosted Dedi
- Donatorzone and shops
- Mac/Windows compatible
- Dicing
- Pk shops
- Voteshop

Too find out more go to www titan614 com and join us today!


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