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EpicRus webclient

Post by EpicRus Beann on Mon Jul 09, 2012 6:07 am

We have all nex armour, all bosses, minigames the average stuff. Rare shop. [warning this isnt a 1hour get maxed game] We have staff spots availble but atm we dont have many players. We have 3 staff to 7 players. We have a successful eco [ We dont give out stuff ] If your new there are many ways to make big money after 1hour playing. [ This is so we can get players in and keep them in ] many people join and quit so to save your time if your looking for a challenging server where you actually have to work for nice stuff then this isfor you!
To find webclient: search rswebclients in google and we are called EpicRus weshould be ranked 4th in server list.
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