Lost Era 562/668 Economy

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Lost Era 562/668 Economy

Post by xsleezy on Sun Jun 17, 2012 10:06 am

[URL="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/40377508/Lost%20Era%20Client.zip"]Download [/URL]


• New Edgeville As the Home Area
• Nex
• Notes Tab Works 100%
• Daily Updates
• Proper Hp Boosts
• Perfect Max and Completionist Cape Emotes.
• Item disappears after being drop, over a period of time.
• All Combat Hit Icons
• Correct Magic GFX/Animations
• Perfect Prayer System
• High definition supported.
• Full screen supported.
• Browser based Webclient.
• Correctly Done Soaking
• Taste Vengence against players also npcs.
• Working ancient curses against players also npcs.
• All chaotic weapons. (also with correct speed and emotes)
• Brand new bosses to challenge.
• Clan chat with working loot share.
• One click interaction.
• Spirit Shields.
• Clanwars safe and non-safe pking.
• Bank tabs that allow you to organize your bank however you choose.
• Perfected PVM/PVP
• All godswords fulling working.
• Dragon claws with fully working special.
• All PVP armour and weapons.
• New whip GFX and emotes.
• All skillcapes with emotions.
• High and low alchemy.
• Godwars dungeon.
• Fight pits minigame.
• Barrows minigame.
• Soul wars minigame.
-Plus More!

Lost Era is a 562 loading 668 RuneScape Private Server.




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