Emps-scape 700+ Players - All Skills Working

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Emps-scape 700+ Players - All Skills Working

Post by emps on Thu Aug 05, 2010 12:21 am

Emps-Scape: the most popular private server with 700+ players online!
Created by thomy and Graham

Play now at www.emps-scape.net

1000 players!:

We've reached 1000 players online!

The first pic is more accurate as it's updated every minute, the second pic is updated every 5 so only shows 1000 not 1028 :p.


The desktop client can be downloaded from our website: http://www.emps-scape.net/.

Vote for Emps-Scape at Rune-Server:

Vote for us on the Rune-Server toplist here: http://www.rune-server.org/top.php?act=detail&sid=756.


  • One of the world's oldest and most popular private servers - over 700+ players online at peak times. We have been around for 4 years!
  • Extremely stable - no lag
  • Hosted on a dedicated server - online 24/7
  • A large and friendly player community
  • Flawless combat system - perfect timing, animations and calculations
  • Stable economy
  • Challenging experience rate - not too fast or too slow
  • Battle in the wilderness with hundreds of players
  • Explore our world which spans several RuneScape towns and dungeons
  • Challenge many bosses and obtain rewards
  • Several minigames, including duel arena, barrows, jad and Emps-Wars
  • Holiday events (most recent was our Christmas 2009 event)
  • Full music and sound system in the client
  • Fullscreen client, resizable while playing
  • Working highscores on our website (URL to this is ingame as we are not allowed to advertise it here)
  • Regular content updates
  • 17 skills fully working - including fishing, cooking, slayer, crafting, herblore, mining, smithing, fletching and woodcutting
  • and even more!!...


Challenge other players in the duel arena:

Explore vast dungeons and find thousands of monsters to kill:

Kill various bosses and earn glory and rewards:

Buy and sell your goods in Falador:

Fight other players in the wilderness:

Barbarian Village: the starting town of Emps:

Fight mighty bosses:

Visit a variety of towns:

Explore forgotten dungeons:

Form a team in Emps-Wars:

Battle the other team's castle in Emps-Wars:

Exchange Emps-Wars tickets for items:

Become a donator member for exclusive features, such as access to Al-Kharid:

Staff team:

  • thomy: (thomy-13 on rune-server) founder/owner, client and server programmer
  • Graham: server stability and lead website development
  • Nour: website development

Other administrators and moderators can be identified by their crown, and there is a list on our forum (unfortunately we cannot link to that here due to advertising rules, but you can find it ingame).

Start your adventure today:

Download and play Emps-Scape now, for free, at http://www.emps-scape.net/.


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Re: Emps-scape 700+ Players - All Skills Working

Post by Admin on Thu Aug 05, 2010 1:16 am

Nice, I like this server. It is truly amazing.

My ing is : Mrs Smithy


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Re: Emps-scape 700+ Players - All Skills Working

Post by gangster on Thu Aug 05, 2010 1:26 am

This is a awesome server. I strongly recommend playing it.


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Re: Emps-scape 700+ Players - All Skills Working

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