Area 51 24-7 VPS

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Area 51 24-7 VPS

Post by stylerg on Sat Jul 30, 2011 2:12 pm

Welcome to Area 51

Hello everyone, Just come and check out the server and give us feed back on how to make the server better. Also what you think of the server as a whole. The server has had alot of recent updates and we have added alot more great things. I will add some information and pictures below.

Staff :
Owner - Styler

Co-Owner - Open

Head Admin - Skillz

Admin - Ice

Admin - Open

Head Mod - Jeremy

Mod - Open

Mod - Open

Website :

Client Download :


634 Items
602 Anime
602 GFX
602 NPC
Virtus Armour
Primal Armour
Torva Armour
Chaotic Weapons
All Spirit Shields
Corperal Beast
King Black Dragon
Working Overloads
Working CC
100% Korasi
Good Economy
Ancient Curses 100%
x10 Hit
New Gameframes 377 to 562
Very Active Staff
Good Training Places
PVP Armour
Lunars 100%
Fixed All Known Dupes
No Lagg
Added Korasi Special
Friendly Staff

Media :


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