Eruption-X 2 custom minigames & party room

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Eruption-X 2 custom minigames & party room

Post by Xaero on Tue Jul 05, 2011 7:19 am

Base:Project Insanity (Rune Choice)
Staff List_____________________________________________________________________

Hoster:Dn Angel
Admin:Hei Magy
Mods:Purezz, Blmspike

All skills work and we also have a Skillng Guild.
Friendly staff.
Daily growing community.
24/7 online.
Webclient and downloadable client.
Easy to start.
Great PK system.
Two custom minigames: RaceWars & Last Man Standing.
Normal minigames: Pest Control, Barrows, Duel Arena, Tzhaar, Godwars.
Full bosses: Godwars bosses, KBD, Daganoth Kings etc.
Fully working Party Room with chest, baloons and dancing knights.
All skillcape emotes.
Old 2005 graphics. It’s not a Hybrid Pvp or a DSPK or a iHybrid. It’s based on a normal 317 source.
New items: pvp items, spirit shields, godswords, dragon claws etc.
Teleport to any place for donators+.
Enjoy! Razz


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