24/7 PK Server Spectrum-Pk

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24/7 PK Server Spectrum-Pk

Post by Mist1234 on Fri Aug 09, 2013 1:19 pm

Hey guys come check out our spawn-able Pk server! Spectrum PK is an up and coming server that will be soon vps hosted and be having a downloadable client as well as be sponsored on sites such as Runelocus! we are needing Staff of all kind INCLUDING CODERS! we really need one of those, so far the the staff is very committed to making sure the server is always running at this time.

Server: ww.rspscoding. org/play/?server=spectrum-pk

Things this serer includes:

-Spawnable Pk Kits
-PVP shops
-Donor Island
-Working Specs of all weapons!
-working teleports
-Amazing Staff
-No training! (master Command)
-All working Spell books and prayers
-Staff will host events such as "Trivia and Hide and Seek"



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