Any old Near Reality RSPS fans out there?

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Any old Near Reality RSPS fans out there?

Post by J1mb0 on Thu Jun 13, 2013 7:31 pm

Inspiration runs off of a 2.0 source which is based entirely on Near Reality's v11.
The forums can be located by doing a simple search for "InspirationPS" it's quite easy to find
You DO NOT need to Register to PLAY!!!!!

Inspiration is a server made and dedicated for the players. We listen to all players whether it's negative or positive. We have a 100% uptime rate, with tons of fun things to do, so come Join Today!

- ClanChat
- Duel Arena
- Fully equipped Voteshop
- Decent and fun economy.
- 24.7 Uptime
- Vote4Cash
- Trading
- Webclient
- AutoCasting
- 100% Private Messaging
- x2 Cash weekend
- Active helpful staff
- 2 Levels of Donator status
- Regular updates!
- Completely Lag Free!
- All spell books, Moderns, Ancients and Lunars
- All Spirit shields working, Even their affects.
- Working Teleblock
- Staff of light
- Yell with custom tags
- Daily Tournament Events
- Daily Events (Hide and Seek, HP events, etc.)
- Wiki with tons of info
- Server Supports whenever you need help
- All Godsword specs
- Dragon claws
- Chaotics
- Active Forums
- Barrows
- Shops

Don't forget to tell them that "Jimbo" sent you <3


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