Pkersfate [24/7 Friendly staff and players] need staff

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Pkersfate [24/7 Friendly staff and players] need staff

Post by joex on Wed Jun 05, 2013 1:29 pm

We are a new server looking for more players. If we get more members then we can start growing our staff team. Skills - We have all working skills including custom dungeoneering. Great leveling rate. Bosses - We've got all bosses from Bandos to Corporal for example. Armor - We've got all Nex armor, Torva, virtus and pernix. PVP armor including statiu's, vesta's, morrigan's and zuriel's with their weapons. We also have dungeoneering armor, promethium up to primal. We've got a PK Point custom shop, and a Voting rewards shop. Includes custom items. Weapons - All PVP weapons. Claws, godswords, anger weapons, korasi, a lot of different whips including lime and colored. We have max strength gear. Primal and chaotic weapons as well as promethium primal, gorgonite and gravite. We also have a great list of items to donate for! Phats, hween masks, and much much more! So what are you waiting for?! Come and join us today and meet great people! We are still a new server so we need all the players we can get!


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