NEED STAFF!!! Need Mods and Admins! SerenityScape Owns!

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NEED STAFF!!! Need Mods and Admins! SerenityScape Owns!

Post by Serenity on Thu Mar 24, 2011 8:12 pm

[CENTER]Read this first! you will see an install file inside of the .zip folder click it and install. I know this is out of the ordinary, but it's easier for us to code it. We use a different style then most. Thanks.

Download the server here!!!:

Serenity scape

-Great Community
-Working Barrows
-Great Pking
-2 quest!
-No Lag

Staff Needed!

If you are intrested in being a staff member it is quite simple, but there are a few qualifications (very easy)

  • You must NOT abuse your powers
  • You must help players
  • Be kind to other players
  • If you are inactive for more then a month, you lose mod. Unless you have a reason, in which case you need proof.

Very simple. Ask one of the Admins for mod. They will test you and ask other players about you and how you behave. Based on that they will decide whether you deserve to be mod or not. If you find it completely unfair, please add Sin to your freind's list and



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