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Post by alerobio on Thu Feb 24, 2011 11:43 pm

~Pvp Armors (All effects and specials)
~Chaotic weapons(Works just like RS)
~A slayer based economy! This makes slayer one of the most useful aspects of the game, most items will be obtained from slayer.
~Tormented Demons- Correct Emotes/GFX works just like rs, Custom spot for them.
~Corperal Beast- Correct Emotes/GFX drops spirit shields/ sigils just like rs!
~Staff of Light- Has the 50% damage deduction special!
~Clipped Following.
~Combat following (Melee/Range/Mage)
~Awesome custom RFD quest, fight your way to the amazing barrow gloves!
~604 Gameplay in a 317!
~Curse Prayers work exactly in RS, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!
~Current RS Firecape emote.
~Skillcape Emotes.
~ 1 Wave Firecape.
~Amazing Staff
~100% Bridding/ Item Switching.
~Barrows and effects.
~Pk points, EP (Earning Potential) that gives you a chance to get pvp items on drops!
~Perfect Xp rates, doesn’t take very long for a 99 combat skill.
~100% Dragon claws with perfected emote.
~100% all godsword specials- Zgs freezes, Sgs regains pray/hp, Bgs lowers defence, Ags- Amazing hits.
~Absolutely and positively NO DUPES. It is absolutely impossible to dupe on our server.
~Friendly Gameplay.
~THERE IS NO "DONATOR ONLY" ITEMS! Anyone can use anything if they have the proper requirements!
~Shops are located in varrock, where they would actually be! Gives you a more "real" gaming expierience.
~All spirit shields and their effects!
Divine- Deducts 30% damage.
Elysian- 70% chance to deduct 30% damage.
Arcane- +20 Magic Attack Bonus.
Spectral- +30 magic defence bonus!
~Amazing custom spot for tormented demon ladder. You must make your way through the wilderness to get to 13 wild, and avoid pkers!
~A perfect economy.
~Slayer helmet gives 50% extra exp when doing slayer!
~Lock exp..for all those pures who want to use whips
~Every single skill works!


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