UltimateScape2 The #1 RSPS

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UltimateScape2 The #1 RSPS

Post by UltimateScape2 on Thu Jan 15, 2015 7:16 pm

UltimateScape has now become one of the top Runescape Private Servers. We are veterans in the Private Server world and hope to stay that way. The goals of UltimateScape are simple. We wanted to create a Private Server for user enjoyment and implant our ideas into Runescape. Overall, UltimateScape has thrived over the years and we have built a great community and server. It is an honor to have many supporters of our Server, thank you.

                                                             -   Game Content List  -  

Working Hand Cannon

Working Dwarf Cannon

Custom Bossing

Custom Minigame: Rise of the Six (RoTS)

Castle Wars

Pest Control

Fight Pits

Fun PK


300+ Players Online Always!
And Many More!

Join Now!

Dedicated Staff Team

Mike                  - Owner
Contention        - Head Administrator
Chaotic Cow      - Administrator
Sarah                - Administrator
Alexander         - Developer
Collegett           - Developer
Millenium          - Sales
Skiller Jw          - Moderator
Issei Senapi      - Moderator
Queen of Ice      -Forum Moderator


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