Coin Scape 718/748

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Coin Scape 718/748

Post by trachery on Tue Sep 23, 2014 10:50 am

Hello Guys,

First of all thanks for looking at this post. Here by i want to inform you guys of an awsome server. It is called Coin Scape and maybe you might recognise it when you hear the name Lost-Realms, the server got renamed and had some downtime problems but it is all solved but now it has lost all of its players. So here i am now telling you about this awsome servers.

-This server contains loads of bosses. And they work too.
-You can level all skills!
-The server has custom Rares.
-There is a Max and Comp. cape.
-Working prestige system going up to 20. (Maybe you could have a little battle with friends for being the first one to reach prestige 20.)
-Fair amount of shops.
-There are Nex items, claws and chaotics in the Game.

Link to the forums where you can download the Client:
(cant post link so please do some google research to find us. Hint it is a Createaforum link.

I hope these things i told you might make you consider to check out the server. And i will appreciate it.

Hope to see ya soon!

The server has an give-away for the server going on right now because of the loss of players. this is what the owner posted on the forums:
Once we reach 10 players on at once all from unique IPs, i will be giving away 3 donator status, 2 extreme donator status and 1 support status. if the person that wins has regular donator, they will be upgraded to extreme donator. If they have extreme donator they will receive 2 christmas crackers. So might be fun if you could have a chance at winning this also.


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