Greatxscape fun server!(:

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Greatxscape fun server!(:

Post by Greatxscape on Mon Sep 08, 2014 3:22 am

Welcome to GreatXScape, we are a private server here to spread our server around for all people to join and have fun on!
we are currently looking for new players to join so we can expand our community.

All skills are working all the way to Dungeoneering:

All combat skills work properly

All skilling works flawlessly with skilling stores and multiple ways to skill and gain all the xp desire needs.

Skilling and training teleports in the quest tab.

All mini games work
-duel arena
-The Domination Tower
-Fight Pits
-Fight Caves
-Pest Control

Bossing teleports
-God Wars
-Tormented Demons
-Corporeal Beast
-Kalphite Queen
-Queen Black Dragon
-Dagannoth Kings
-Soon to be more(:

We also have a full working website and forums


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