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Adventurescape - 667 Your search ends here!

Post by mr bunkey on Wed Jul 02, 2014 9:56 pm

Welcome and thanks for taking the time to view this advertisement!

Find us on Runelocus

(Brief Summary)

We are a new server with around 10 players on. We have so many things players can do, PvM, Skilling, Prestige etc.. For PvM we have over 15 bosses that all drop some good stuff that's worth quiet a bit in the games Economy! For those skillers, Dung is fairly easy just kill Prom. warriors and they will drop Rust Coins and lamps (donors get more coins and Large xp Lamps) We also have a Customizable Comp Cape! Choose your colors! For those who like to Prestige and earn Items for there hard work, we have 50 Prestige levels, you unlock a new shop every 5 Prestige levels, To Prestige all you need is 99 in all combat skills and in Prayer/Summoning. For Prayer and Summoning you can use F.O.G tokens to buy lamps! (you gain F.O.G tokens by killing anything, Every monster is different in the amount they drop!


Nex - fully working phases
Tormented Demons
Polypore Dung
God wars (No Kill Count)
Queen Black Dragon
Lucien - Custom boss
Avatar Of Destruction
Evil Chicken's
Donator Bosses

Customizable Comp Cape!

Our Shops!

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