Reincarnation 718 /eco/curses/auras/24/7VPS/Prestige/

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Reincarnation 718 /eco/curses/auras/24/7VPS/Prestige/

Post by accerado on Mon Apr 21, 2014 5:08 pm


visit ur by googling Reincarnation 718, there you will find our download link,
as i dont have premision to release links in the post for the next 7 days

Cosmetic Overrides
Zombies Onslaught Minigame
Custom Dungeoneering System
Drygores, Kalphite Armour, Sheathed, and Off-Hands
Boss Contracts
All Skills Working
Flawless switching (ancient, curses, etc)
High/Low Alching + Enchanting
Automated double exp weekends, from friday till sunday
Right click view stats option
Most titles have requirements that need to be met to unlock
Difficulty Selections
- Choose difficulty on login for the first time
- Harder difficulties increase drop rates, but lower the exp rate
- Easier difficulties decrease drop rates, but higher the exp rate
Custom Prestige System
Skulls to show your prestige level
Prestige shop with Clay weapons, Battle-Mage, trickster, and more
6 prestige levels in total
Skilling Rewards
Custom skilling system
PvP System
Loyalty Points
Squeal of Fortune
Fight Caves, 63 waves
Fight Kiln, 32 waves
Full Nex
Queen/King Black Dragon
Kalphite Queen
Much More...


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