Intense614, LOGIN, SPAWN AND PK!

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Intense614, LOGIN, SPAWN AND PK!

Post by a sexy panda on Sun Dec 29, 2013 11:16 pm Login & PK
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Server Features
* Friends List working completely (on, off, private)
* Dicing works 100% (Dice yell only shows at Dice Zone)
* Custom Yell Tag (::settag & put a tag of your own personal choice)
*Working Clan Chat 80%
*Clan Wars
*Pking zone just for Hybrids
*Mac/Windows compatible
*ALL Client Size Options (Fixed, Resizeable, Fullscreen)
*Perfect working shops system (buying and selling items)
*Staking (Custom)
*Perfect hybridding and perfect switching
*Banking inventory and equipment feature works!
*24/7 100% up time! - The Host for the server is on a high-powered web-connection which is reliable and fast so downtime and lag is minimum and rarely occurs.
*Perfect mage-based Korasi sword
*Working teleblock
* & More...


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